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To DIY Replace iPhone 6 Plus Home Button is Like a Breeze

As we all know, home button is one of the most frequently used part on a mobile phone. So, it is the part which is most likely to be damaged as well. If the home button is broken or cracked, … Continue reading

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Never miss those 2 details when you’re doing iPhone 5s screen repairing

Steve·Jobs ever said: Even though people may never see the inner parts of the iPhones, but we should make it pleasing to eyes.So all parts in iPhones, even screws are alway designed properly and arranged logically.Then when you see a … Continue reading

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Repair Cannot Exist without An Excellent Tool Kit

As we all know, nothing would be as important as an excellent repair tool kit for a cell phone technician. To be frank, an excellent repair tool kit to a technician is what a pen to a student. So, come on! Get the best repair tool kit here at HYT parts. Of course, if you want to repair a device, the first thing you need to do is to open it and check carefully. As far as this fact is concerned, a great Cell Phone Repair Opening Tools Kit is quite necessary. Here I would like to give a brief introduction to several tools for opening or prying your cell phone. Indeed, screwdrivers cannot be forgotten. You need to get the corresponding screwdrivers that match with your cell phone. For example, the five-pointed pentalobe screwdrivers are specially designed for iPhone devices. And also, you need different styles of pry tools, such as the triangle opening pick, the plastic opening pry bar, the metal spudger and so on. Don’t overlook the importance of these small gadgets. Without them, your repair work would be a torture. Want to have faster and better repair work? These gadgets would help a lot!

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