Where are all the ports of 2015 MacBook?

As we all expected, Apple’s new MacBook goes minimal on weight, thickness. But it ushers a new port, which makes users shocked.
Unveiled finally, there are two ports on the New MacBook. Beside the headphone jack, there is a small all-in-one port which is called USB-C. It’s really tiny, only a third the size of the current USB port. Featuring reversibility, this port can still work if you plug a USB-C connector into the computer in either orientation.
“It’s the first time we’ve really seen this version of it in a mass-market device and Apple obviously has the potential to transform a technology like this from something that exists on paper and a standard to something that’s really adopted widely,” says Jan Dawson, chief analyst with Jackdaw.
It’s for sure that you would not be able to connect many of the older devices. New accessories will definitely come out to suit the new port. Apple has already lead this part. It is selling new accessories now online: USB-C to standard USB adapter, USB-C charge cable, USB-C Digital A/V multiport adapter, USB-C VGA multiport adapter etc.
Of course, suppliers from all over the world are putting forth their strength. Let’s expect!


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