Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Replacement Repair Guide

Break or crack your Galaxy Note 4 screen by accident? It may cost you a lot to buy a whole new device. Don’t worry! This article will help you get to know how to disassemble your mobile phone and replace the broken parts. With proper instructions, you can repair it by yourselves.
First of all, let’s review what kinds of professional Cell Phone Repair Tools you need when getting down to business.
#00 Screwdrivers
Prying Opening Bars
Metal Scrapers
Of course, the tools listed above can be replaced by other tools with the same functions.
The following is how to do it:
1.Remove battery cover easily with your fingers.

2.Take out the SIM card, micro-SD card, S-Pen, and battery from your Note 4.

4 3
3.Remove the 16 screws on middle housing.

4.Cut the adhesive sticker between screen and middle housing.Here, you may use a heat gun to heat up the adhesive.

Note: Please do not use metal tools here, otherwise it may damage your touch panel.

5.Go to back and get loosen the hidden keys around battery slot.

6.Loose the middle housing and then push the front assembly with effort.


7.Now, you can separate front screen assembly from middle housing successfully.

8.Continue to work with middle housing. Get the flex cable free from the adhesive underneath and remove headphone jack naturally.

13 12
9.Then, remove Power & Volume buttons with tweezers.

16 15
10.Start to disassemble screen assembly now.
Cut the adhesive between LCD screen and mid plate carefully(Heat up it slightly would be helpful). Please care about the flex cable!

11.Disconnect the connectors from motherboard, including S Pen sensor film connector and LCD screen connector.

12.Till now, the LCD screen has been removed successfully.

13.Then, we need to handle some small components.

Disconnect navigation button flex connector from the adhesive on the mid-plate and remove it.

14.Remove signal flexes. Maybe different versions of Galaxy Note 4 come with different amounts of signal flex cables.

15.Remove two screws securing motherboard and USB board at first. Don’t forget the earpiece speaker connector.

16.Pry up the motherboard and release USB charging board from motherboard.

17.Remove rear camera from motherboard.

18.Then, release front camera connector and remove front camera with sensor together.

19.Disconnect menu button and home button from the adhesive on the mid plate, and pry up the USB charging flex cable.

20.Use spudger to pry up and remove earpiece speaker.

21.Remove vibrator which comes with power button flex cable.



22.Remove volume button flex cable.

23.At last, you get everything done.



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I don't know what your objects, but mine is sharing and communicating with you who also like diying cell phones. It is really a great experience for me, which can make me more confident. And I will continue searching for and collecting the cell phone replacement repair parts and accessories for DIYing, to keep my cell phone new and excellent.
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  1. amazing cracked iphone screen repair tips. That sounds easy to handle 🙂

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