How to replace the iPhone 5s broken front glass only screen

How to replace the iPhone 5s broken front glass only screen

If you get a cracked or shattered glass only screen accidently, don’t worry, it can be brought back by replacing a new glass lens, neither the entire lcd screen. But I have to say it is not easy repair, we costed nearly one hour to finished it. So we’d better do this replacement with professional guide to follow, to avoid damages from connecting parts. Here we show the glass only screen lens replacement for iPhone 5s. 5c 5.

So here we just start with the cracked glass screen assembly.

iPhone 5s cracked glass replacement

The essential repair tools we should prepare for.

Heating tool (Heat gun, Heating tool, )

Stainless Steel and Silicone Flexible Scraper(003580)

UV glue adhesive


Step 1. Use the heat tool to heat the screen assembly properly, here we use the heat gun.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 02iPhone 5s glass replacement 03

If you don’t have the heat gun, you can also use these two heat tool.

Samsung galaxy s5 screen replacement 06cell phone repair tool-heat tool

Note: the temperature should be between 90℃ and 150℃. You must take care about this point, I don’t gude you burn your house.

Step 2. Remove the LCD Touch Screen Middle Frame Supporting Bracket.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 04iPhone 5s glass replacement 05

Note: Be careful to remove it, to avoid damages from the bracket.

Step 3. Heat the glass screen again properly, and use the Stainless steel and silicone flexible scraper to remove the cracked glass gently.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 06

If the scraper can’t remove the glass, you can use the heat tool(heat gun) to heat screen assembly again and again, until to remove the glass clearly.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 07iPhone 5s glass replacement 08

Step 4. Clean clearly the glue sticky gently with “ALCOHOL” glue cleaner.

Samsung galaxy s5 front glass replacement 08iPhone 5s glass replacement 09

Note: you use a piece of tissue or the tooth brush to recover the “ALCOHOL” glue cleaner.

Step 5. Use a repairing mold for iPhone 5s 5c 5 to fix the cleaned lcd digitizer assembly, which can make the new glass replaced easily.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 11iPhone 5s glass replacement 10iPhone 5s glass replacement 12

Note: You can also do this without the repairing mold. Then if so, you should adjust the right place when you install the glass.

Step 6. Use the stick band to recover the flex cable to protect it from the UV glue.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 13iPhone 5s glass replacement 14iPhone 5s glass replacement 15iPhone 5s glass replacement 16

Step 7. Apply the UV cure glue adhesive on the lcd digitizer assembly.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 17

Step 8. Replace the new front glass on the screen (applied glue screen)

iPhone 5s glass replacement 18iPhone 5s glass replacement 19iPhone 5s glass replacement 20

Then, we need to wait the glue adhesive to be dry and stead.

Step 9. During the drying term, you can clean the blizzard on the mid frame bracket.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 21

If it is hard to remove, you can use the heat tool(heat gun) for help.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 22

Step 10. Deal with well this parts removed from the bracket.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 23

Step 11. Make sure the new glass replacement is fixed on the digitizer assembly, and take out the new glass lcd screen from the repairing mold.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 24

Step 12. Clean the glue scattered on the digitizer back and around.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 25

Step 13. Reinstall the mid frame bracket on the new glass lcd screen assembly.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 26iPhone 5s glass replacement 27

Step 14. Finally, you get the new complete glass lcd display assembly.

iPhone 5s glass replacement 28

Step 15. Reassembly the new glass lcd screen on your iPhone 5s 5c or 5.


To be honest with you, this guide suit for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c and iPhone 5. During the processes, if you want to do it, please be careful your safety and gently to deal with the parts. Finally important notice, the replacement process produce some Blizzard rubbish, we should deal with properly, to avoid to be touched by kids surely


If you meet this kind of case, you should start to teardown the iPhone 5s screen assembly first, and the screen replacement processes we have shared at:

If you want to see more guide and iPhone 5s replacement parts, welcome to hytparts store.


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