How to tear down Samsung galaxy s5 screen easily

Some people think it is hard to tear down Samsung galaxy s5, and the installation is much harder than the tear down. As all we know, Samsung galaxy s5 parts are built between the battery and lcd display, which make much difficulty on teardown and installation. Because   there may be some unexpected damages on cell phone parts during fixing. So most people get depressed. Finally after the iFixit published their Samsung galaxy s5 teardown, it gets easier. You may ask why it get easier? There are some skills.

Do you know before you do the teardown of Samsung galaxy s5, you should remove the display first, avoiding damages.

Do you want to tear dwon the LCD screen display assembly for Samsung galaxy s5?I don’t know if you know this skill, before I know the skill, I think it is a hard job to tear down a Samsung galaxy lcd display screen assembly. But now, I can make it easily.

Samsung galaxy s5 lcd teardown 1

Do you know there is a small door marked “R1” on the Samsung Galaxy s5 phone body bottom. As long as you open the small door, you can break off a single flex cable. This cable is the primary key. Then it is found that it is get easier to tear down after break down the primary key.

Compared to the lcd display, the front glass outer lens is a little trouble to tear down. Because we need to prepare the  Openner heating. And the new replacement front screen outer glass lens for Samsung galaxy s5 you want to replace is a little hard to install, you need adhesive, at the same time, you should avoid crashing the glass by the adhesive. Surely, lcd display can be tear down alone, and the front glass teardown should be after the lcd teardown. In this case, other parts can avoid damages.

Samsung galaxy s5 lcd replacment 7

In fact, the harder teardown is finished, next parts you need to tear down is easy to make it. So don’t worry about this.



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