Have you ever met these troubles on your iPad Air

As all we know, the Apple iPad Air has thinner body and stronger

performance, then it is called the best 10 inch tablet PC. But it is

not the most perfect. We also usually meet some troubles and

problems on the iPad Air. Here we’ll sum up these troubles or

problems in 12 and offer the advices of how to solve, hoping they

can help you enjoy yourself with your iPad Air.

Have you ever met these troubles on your iPad Air?

Come on, and have a look at:

First, No voice

If you find there is no voice coming from your iPad Air, first of all,

don’t worry, and check if the volume is set on sound-off. Then

make sure headphone port don’t have any devices. All of these

check finish, the iPad Air still keep in the no sound world. At this

moment, you should do these:

Click trouble home button and close all the APPs, at the same

time, press the on/off switch and home button in about 10

seconds, your iPad Air will enter the safe-mode restart status.

Then you should make sure the locked key is not in the no-sound

status. Next, make sure no connector or no-sound on the

bluetooth device, you should open the control centre, from the

bottom slipping up to. Try to connect a headphone and take it

off, or use some other tool to blow Air into headphone jack.

Finally, through the setting-general-restore-restore all, reset your


If this way can’t make your iPad Air sound, you may check if there

is damage or tourble on the headphone jack. You can take your

iPad Air to the Apple store to have a check.

Second, the camera can’t start or keep in a dead status after


Sometimes, you may met the situation that iPad Air can’t start or

always enter dead status. These problems are caused by system.

First, you can restart your system to have a try. If it is still keep

the bad status, you can reset your system. Surely, you should

check if your camera are limited by system, entering the settings

-general-visit limits to make sure. And there are some Apps you

are using may prevent you visiting the camera. If so, please close

these kinds of Apps.

Third, the screen touch is not flexible or delays to respone.

Meeting this kind of trouble, it’s usually diagnosed system

problem, and uses the iTunes to restore the system, this trouble

will go away. However,not the system problem, it may be the

screen protector caused or you start the voice over.

Forth, the screen can’t retate

You should make sure the locked key is not in the locked status

on screen retated, which is in settings-general orders to modify

or you can directly chech at the control centre to make sure.

Except this, you can only restart or restore your system.

Fifth, crashed, no respones or restart frequently

Before iOS 8, the iOS 7 has some bugs, which may be the chief

culprit on the system running problems. So we should upgrade to

the latest iOS system, and close all the background Apps, restart

or restore sets or system. It may be caused by some Apps yet.

So if your iPad Air meet these troubles after you install one App,

you should immediately delete this App.

Sixth, the iCloud speed of download is so slow after you restore

your system.

If you use the iCloud restore backup, there are a ton of Apps,

pictures and videos needing to be downloaded from the Internet

to your iPad Air, so its speed is slow surely. You can restart your

router or device to make it faster. Another way to make it faster

is using the iTunes local backup.

iPad Air Screen problem

Seventh, body is overheating

In general, playing the larger-scale games will cause the

overtheating problems frequently. After all, iPad Air is not the PC,

and built without fan. And the metal back cover is also much

easier conductivity for heat. In this case, you can take off the

protective case to make the iPad Air cool or open the Air-

condition to reduce the room temperature.

Eighth, screen displaying problem

There is a screen displaying problem occuring on iPad Air. In the

same displaying  interface, you can see some area will be lighter

than other area. This problem is a defect on production. You can

only change a new one, or send it to Apple store to fix.

Ninth, Navigation and keyboard lag

If the keyboard is too slow, in addition to using the system for a

long time lag cache problem, you can turn off the iPad Air visual

effects, or restore the keyboard dictionary in the reduction or the

main screen layout, which may solve this problem.

Tenth, Safari browser crashes

First, we can enter the settings in the Safari project, clear history

and Cookie, if the problem persists you can only choose to

restore the system, or choose a different browser, such as


Eleventh,Unable to connect to WIFI

If there is no fault in ensuring the router and upgrade to the

latest firmware, we can also change the channel the router, set it

to automatic, essentially all of the devices are able to connect.

Next is to restore iPad Air network settings, restore the system,

if you still can not connect, it is basically a hardware problem.

Twelveth, Battery life is short

Basically, all electronic devices using lithium batteries are about

one year after use, the battery life will decrease. What we can do

is to try to close applications running in the background, try to

use the WIFI connection (if your iPad Air support 3G or 4G

words), and reset the system. If battery life is still less than nine

hours, then the aging problem is the battery, you can go to the

Apple customer service for replacement.

Surely, there are some troubles caused by iPad Air parts, if you

don’t want to send it to Apple store for fixing, you can do the

repairing by yourself with iPad Air replacement repair parts, such

as Replacement Audio Jack Flex Cable Ribbon for iPad Air iPad 5,

it can be directly attached onto the mainboard of your device
It is made of premium material, long lasting to use. Return your

healthy iPad Air back to sound.

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