Top 6 cell phone repair tools with magic but we don’t know at Hytparts

In cell phone replacement repair parts world, there is an essential partner -cell phone repair tools we must point them out. They are nice helpers in the replacing, fixing and DIYing of mobile phones or tablets. They can help us to tear down without parts damages, at the same time protect the cell phone parts well. You’ve seen many repair tools. But these top 6 cell phone repair tools you may never seen, which have magic and bring you more convenience.

Top 1. iSclack Opening Repair Tool for iPhone iPad iPod Samsung Sony LG Phone

iSclack Opening repair tools at Hyptarts

With double suction cup, specifically engineered to pop open your mobile phone or tablet Rubber grips for comfortable holding feeling
Clamp type help you control the right power easily to avoid unexpecting damages
It it called “super iSclack opening tool”

Top 2. 7cm Silicone Pushing Roller for Cell Phone Screen Protector Film Replacing

7cm Silicone Roller for Pushing Cell phone Screen Protector Film

The first way to save meney is to do something we can do by ourselves, such as replacing a new cell phone screen protector. If you pay for screen protector replacing, you may not only replace once. So it is a nice way to own an artifact to do the screen protector replacement.

It can be used to eliminate bubbles between the screen and the touch screen protector
Silicone roller with soft touch, will not damage your touch screen
Comes with a long handle for convenient and comfortable grip
Boasts smooth and fluent rolling operation

Top 3.Cell Phone Repair Tools Jig Fixture for Mobile Phone Repplacement

Cell Phone Repair Tools Jig Fixture for Mobile Phone Repplacement

Proffectional Jig fixture for cell phone repairing, you can make it by yourself, and keep your cell phone healthy and young.
SMD soldering reowrk platform for mobile phone mainboard Holder fixtures SMD Repair Tool
Maintenance of fixtures with a mobile phone circuit boards, Auxiliary tool
Stainless steel panel

If you want to know more about it, welcome to hytparts store, we also tell you how to use this tool.

Top 4. Creative Multifunctional Screwdriver Spudger with Suction Cup Repair Tools Kit

Multifunctional Screwdriver Spudger with Suction Cup Repair Tools Kit

Dual-end screwdriver, one end is Phillips 1.2 and the other is Pentalobe 0.8
Includes 2 spudger ends which can be swiveled onto the screwdriver to form a 2-head spudger bar
The spudger bar can be used for poking, prying, flipping and opening work
Made of high quality stainless steel, durable to use
With a suction cup for removing your device glass panel safely
Ultra mini and lightweight, very easy for carrying around
Can be widely used for repairing iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c, mobile phones etc.

It can be not only screwdrivers, but also spudgers.

With this repair tools kit, your work effeciency will be improved obviously

Top 5. Multi-functional Component Storage Box for Cell Phone Repair Tools

Multi-functional Component Storage Box for Cell Phone Repair Tools 15 grids Multi-functional Component Storage Box for Cell Phone Repair Tools 10 grids

They are divided into many grids to store many different parts and tools, at hyparts store we offer 2 types:10-Grid and 15-Grid
Transparent plastic injection molded, impact-resistant
Engineering materials, easy to carry but not easy to break

If you want to use some cell phone parts or tools, you can find them in these kinds of boxes easily next time. So Absolute it deserve to be owned.

Top 6. Safely Cordless ESD Wrist Strap for Cell Phone Replacement Effectiveness Testing
Cordless ESD wrist strap safely for cell phone repairing effectiveness testing

It is an antistatic device used to easy procedure for effectiveness testing, to prevent the buildup of static electricity on their body, which can result in electrostatic discharge (ESD), to keep your products safe

Have they beated your heart? Hope this post can help you know cell phone replacement processes are not that hard to make it. And with right repair tools, we can also do the fixing and DIYing by ourselves, and protect the cell phone parts, keep our smart phone always new and healthy.

If you would like know more secret weapons in cell phone replacement repair parts, welcome to visit Hytparts store.




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I don't know what your objects, but mine is sharing and communicating with you who also like diying cell phones. It is really a great experience for me, which can make me more confident. And I will continue searching for and collecting the cell phone replacement repair parts and accessories for DIYing, to keep my cell phone new and excellent.
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