iPhone 5S, One-Fifth iPhone Models Activated

Mixpanel, a data analytics corporation, released a statistical data report. According to the report, iPhone 5S has amounted to 19.31% of activated iPhone models, and in the near future, it may outnumber iPhone 4S with its present share of 23%. The No. 1 is iPhone 5 with its percentage up to 32.65%. The reason why iPhone 5 is still keeping ahead of other iPhone models is that it was introduced as the first 4-inch iPhone model and has attracted many contract iPhone buyers. The phone is still on contract for another 1 year. Besides, some consumers are still waiting for the introduction of iPhone 6 with a 4.5”/ 4.7” touch screen. Both aspects listed above depressed the growth of needs for present models.
At present, iPhone 4 still has the share of over 16%. The last one is iPhone 5C with its share only 6%. The statistic data perfectly tally with the report that the inventory of iPhone 5C is over 3million. There is still a backlog of 2million iPhone 5C at Apple factories, and the rest 1million are still lying on operators’ shelves with no one interested with.
Now, the high-end iPhone 5S serves as the flagship of iPhone product line. iPhone 5C is considered in the mid-market and the threshold model is iPhone 4S.


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