Amazing News-iPhone 5s can still track your movement without battery power

When the iPhone 5S battery dies, it doesn’t completely drain of power — there’s a little bit left in reserve, and the phone automatically shuts itself off. Then it can still record your movement. Are you as amazing as me about this news? Do you also think the iPhone can’t implement any function after the battery shutdown?

Reddit user Glarznak has written a post that Apple’s iPhone 5s apparently continues to track users’ movements even long after the battery has died. And He wrote on Monday night explaining that he was recently traveling abroad when his iPhone 5s charger cable broke. Rather than buy a new cable locally, he decided to just take his dead phone into his bag and go on for the next four days. In later he returned home and recharged the phone, then he found that the third party Argus fitness applications should record the number and location of his trip.

It is well known that the iPhone 5s on M7 motion co-processor occupies little electricity demand, and the deficiency of the iPhone automatically shutdown remains a small battery power, which is also a basic common sense, because it needs to be used for low power/recharge reminding and displaying. The fact is that M7 is able to keep tracking motion when iPhone 5s is powered down.

It’s tough to know for sure, and Glarznak’s experience is both impressive and a little scary, but the news is probably not as terrifying as it may seem.

As far as we concerned, it is a amazing technology, and there are many secrets on the iPhone parts we may have not found. It is a serious chellenge for iPhone replacement repair parts manufacturers.


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