The way to get your stiff iPhone 5 home button back to be flexible

First, let us know some knowledge about iPhone 5 parts by pictures.




Looking at these pictures, now let us step into the way to solve these problems. You have to tear your iPhone 5 down firstly. After removing iPhone 5 display screen, and clean all contacts between the home button and screen, then check the coil of home button. If it is damaged, you need a new replacement home button trip to replace the old one.

After the coil checking, we want to transfer to the home button on-board contacts to check, pull up it, and make sure home button contact pins come in proper touch with on-board contacts.

Above processes you have done, it is not the ending. You still want to check a place-home button on-board contacts are located on charging dock strip. You should remove the charging dock, and find the right contact on the charging dock strip. Generally, it is hard to damaged. So we need continue the next step. Reheat touch IC and check, if it fails, you should replace a new one.

You should make sure every step you have checked and done. Then your iPhone 5 home button will come back to you well. If you want to do it by yourself, I believe you’ve seen it is not a hard trip. So you just visit iPhone 5 replacementrepair parts camp to find your need, these processes are finished. And you have the “healthy” iPhone 5 again.

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