Why Obama don’t be allowed to use the iPhone

As all we know, the president of America Barack Obama is one of the most famous users of Blackberry, and in next 3 years, he will go on using the Blackberry, although recently the growing popularities of Blackberry using has been falling sharply. Blackberry has already lost her own alo before, and in the future, we don’t know if she can turning a corner. However compared to the Blackberry, iPhone totally is at the top of the most popular smart phones, and his security is still keep growing. More and more people use iPhones to instead of the old one. In this case, why Obama don’t be allowed to use iPhone?

Although iPhones are more and more popular to people, and in last May, Apple original mobile operating system iOS 6 received FIPS 140-2 certification. Their users can share and visit low-grade files on iPhones and iPads. After this, The U.S. defense department has approved the iPhone and the device can be used for military purposes. But Apple company didn’t persuad successfully to the departments of United States Government, and made them believe iPhones can also used for formal office. Because Apple phones and the devices are not enough to meet the demands of all the department of defense.

One time, Obama himself admited for the safety sake, he didn’t allowed to use the iPhone for the time being. Then his daughters Sasha and Mary have been already used iPhone for long time. So Obama don’t know how to use iPhone, although he is one of enthusiasts of iPad.

In our normal views, Apple iPhones and iPads are already at the top of high-tech. However in fact, they are only enough suitable for needs of large popularities, the special departments and orgnizations, which demand high must needs for cell phone parts and devices. On this way, Apple still has a long-term road to research and creat.


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