For my nice partner – iPhone 5 ‘s letter

HI, Dear my Partner-iPhone 5

Don’t be sad, don’t be disappointed! You are still the excellent one.

I still remember the moment you come out and walk to us, amazing and beautiful with your white or black coat.But when you brothers the iPhone 5s and 5c came out, you became the passed one, and walked out our eyes little by little. Their colorfulness and beauty attract most people’s attention, even use you to change one of them. Outrageous is that your elder brother iPhone 4 and 4s are still keeping in the world and waving their hands to all people. Although it is your parents’ desicion for your families’ better development and improvement. You are sad about this anyhow.

In fact you iPhone 5 has already done in well. You can be still seen in some people’s hands for working, study, reading, or games, communicating. You are still an important role in their life, such as me. I am always keeping you in my hands and hearts, protecting and cherishing you. Now I have found a nice replacement – for iPhone 5 Mirror Blue lcd display digitizer screen to give you a new look, insteading the old and a little cracked face.

For iPhone 5 replacement lcd display digitizer screen mirror blue 2

Here I have to say sorry to you. Two week ago, I should not leave you alone at home, then made you dangerous from my little nephew, who finally gave you a cracked face. And you stayed at home without outdoor activities with upset emotions. Luckly, there are cell phone replacement repair parts help us to give you a new face. After today, you and me can walk out with your new face, and say hello to everyone you want again. What a nice world and an excellent you. And…and…d….thanks for your companying with me.

Don’t be sad, don’t be disappointed! You are still the excellent one.

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About hytparts

I don't know what your objects, but mine is sharing and communicating with you who also like diying cell phones. It is really a great experience for me, which can make me more confident. And I will continue searching for and collecting the cell phone replacement repair parts and accessories for DIYing, to keep my cell phone new and excellent.
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