To know more about the fingerprint recognition of iPhone 5s

In above posts, I showed you a post about iPhone 5s replacement repair parts by iPhone 5s teardown. And some of friends advise show more information about iPhone 5s. So here share it to you.

Since released on 20th Sep, the iPhone 5s is one of the controlversial smart phones.About its fingerprint recognition or A7 processor, even iOS7 system, only one of them can attract a number of fans to circuesee or buy. Then all three are built-in iPhone 5s, you can imagine how many people are paying attentions to. For example, several days ago, the iPhone 5s replacement home botton flex cable came out in the repair parts market, which made a stir. That’s because the flex cable only has home botton function without the fingerprint recognition. It told us there are no replacement to replace the original iPhone 5s home botton, and the fingerprint recognition tech was still a secret in the smart phone area. I know you are also confused about this as same as me.

So following let’s combine multiple information we have known to sum up the function and feature of iPhone 5s fingerprint recognition. Though not the first phone to use fingerprint recognition, iPhone 5s is the best at the smart phone area, whether user experience or deep improvement.

The people who has own a iPhone 5s may know it is very easy to set the fingerprint recognition. Firstly, you need to set a pin code of 4-number, before the touch ID password set. Home botton was built-in a stainless steel ring which can check touched fingerprint, and it can also transfer tthe fingerprint to the inductor. You have to print your fingerprint constantly and according the hint to release the home botton when you are setting the touch ID again and again, until iPhone 5s fingerprint recognition system has already record all kinds of one of your fingerprints. All the processes will keep in about a minute. By the way, you can set five different fingerprint of password.

At the same time, you may find the speed of that touch ID recongnize the fingerprint is very fast, after use the iPhone 5s. It is mostly in one second to make it, which saves more time to press number botton to unlock phone. So there must be nothing between home botton and your finger. For some girls who like lovely decorating of your phone, you have to give these kinds of gadgets up. What’s more, it can also make it easily even if your fingers are wettish, surely the situation of fingers with the water. It means the recognition of touch ID is very sensitive, and as long as your fingerprint covers most on the home botton, it almost doesn’t fail to unlock. What’s important, the more times your processor collected, the more actual your fingerprint will be.

We can never concern about the safety. Because for personal information protecting, Applecompany statements show all of the fingerprint information will be transferred digital sign and stored into your chip after encrypted. If the scanner failed three times, the iPhone 5s will show you the password of unlocking option. After five times failure, you must  unlock the iPhone requirements through the password. So anybody who try to unlock your iPhone 5s by fingerprint is impossible and negligible.

There are much room to improve and develop it, and it just the first step Apple company step into the Biometrics area. We look forward to the better improvement and development. Here give a advice, if you willing to DIY your iPhone 5s, you can buy iPhone 5s replacement repair parts and accessories to make it, except iPhone 5 home botton replacement, which you’d better send it to the Apple repair store.

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