Which Phone Do You Prefer to, HTC One Max or Galaxy Note 3?

The Bigger and Heavier HTC One Max
The HTC One Max has 164.5 x 82.5 x 10.29mm measurements and 217g weights. Compared to 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3mm measurements and 168 weights of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, HTC is bigger and heavier. And it may be a bit heavier to hold conveniently for people, especially for big screen phone enthusiasts.

The competition of screen
In terms of display resolution, both HTC One Max and Galaxy Note 3 are adopted 1920 x1080 resolution panel. One of the differences between the two dimensions, the former is 5.9 inch, and the latter is 5.7 inch. Thus, the Galaxy Note 3 screen delicate degree in theory is better than the HTC One Max, but given the AMOLED screen have been P permutation, the final show of delicate degree can be a draw. What’s the key, it’s up to which style you like better.

Appearance design
HTC One Max and HTC One have many of the same characteristics in design, such as highly appreciated BoomSound double speakers, as well as metal fuselage. At the same time, the HTC One Max is as same as the HTC One, the back cover plate and dual SIM card can be removed, and with SIM card slot and the micro SD card slot. For people who need more store room, it is really a nice choice.
Then, Galaxy Note 3 combines the design of S4 and original Note. Although its plastic has been criticized for a long term, it is lighter, the perfect fuselage detail and man-made leather texture back cover have a little certain extent alleviate for the cheap plastic, even it provides more colors to choose.

Fingerprint identification or S Pen
The fingerprint identification is one of the main characteristics of the HTC One Max to introduce. We can unlock or quick-launch our three favorite applications safely by the fingerprint sensor. But in term of multiple media experience and evaluation, the fingerprint identification function is not as excellent as the iPhone 5s in practice.
And S pen of Samsung are more excellent to use through improvement of 3 generations Note. It can not only help us to record quickly, and can also usniverally use handwriting recognition and other great features. In addition, the precision of the S Pen is excellent to finish requirements operation of drawing contour. But for people who aren’t used to using, it may be a bit out of its way.

Both of them are built-in great cameras, which can work excellently in the good light condition. Howerver, when it comes to the processor, HTC One Max really fails completely. Compared to the HTC One Max 600 chip, Galaxy Note 3 use the Qualcomm Version 2.3 Ghz Xiaolong 800 Processor, which means that the performance of Note 3 is better and more outstanding. But the battery life of HTC One Max is longer than Note 3 in a theory. Because it is built-in 3300 mAh battery.

In a word, both of them have their own advantages. But if there is a kind of need to select one, I prefer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. What about you?

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Rugged Silicone Case with Belt Clip for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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Fingerprint-resistant Tempered Screen Protective Film for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9000


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