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Add More Smile to Your Electronic Life

With the development of scientific technology, more and more electronic items have flooded into our daily life. Of course, we need both practical and easy-to-operate electronics in our daily life. Here, I would like to give a brief introduction to … Continue reading

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Try to Replace the iPhone 5 Home Button On Your Own!

Get frustrated with the only one malfunctioned button on your precious iPhone 5? Indeed, no other button gadget is as much important as the home button of your iPhone since you rely on it to navigate each aspect of your … Continue reading

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People will rely on cell phones closelier than now in the future

There is someone suming up 10 reasons that why people will rely on cell phones closelier in the future. 29% of Millennials find love through Facebook while 33% are dumped via wall posts or text messages. Typical mobile users chech … Continue reading

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Surprises may just in your hands

Celebrating Christmas, to be one of the ten lucky stars. Frome 15th.Nov to 26th Dec, everyone has one chance every day to win $2 coupon which we’ll hanor a cheque at once in your valued order. And OFF in OFF … Continue reading

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Accessories for Touch Screen Matter A lot

Touch screen technology is now the dominant method for us to control our nifty smart phones freely, so it has become one of the most important decisive factors which may influence us a lot in smart phone consumption. With so many … Continue reading

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To know more about the fingerprint recognition of iPhone 5s

In above posts, I showed you a post about iPhone 5s replacement repair parts by iPhone 5s teardown. And some of friends advise show more information about iPhone 5s. So here share it to you. Since released on 20th Sep, … Continue reading

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For iPad 2 return back a excellent healthy audio earphone parts

Everything will get old after used for several time, they may be unflexible for using, like cell phone, tablets, pcs, MP3, MP4 and so on. But nowadays, most people value their partners carefully, so they still look new, just there … Continue reading

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