We’re talking about Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Hardware Performance

It is one of the Samsung Flagship Phone Series, and the last one Samsung flagship phone this year. Yes, it is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is expected by many people, especially Samsung enthusiasts. How many advantages are there than the previous-generation Note? Here first let’s go to have its hardware see together.

Big screen and huge changes of appearance

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Just as its name implies, the part we first attract our attentions to is its back cover, which looks like a note made of imitation leather with texture, when you get one Note 3 into your hands. With border stripe design and distribution of the S Pen stylus, although it is made of plactic which looks a lillte cheaper, it is still a royal note with high-tech exactly. I don’t know what you are thinking of, for me, it is a nice design and I like it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Compared to the Note 2, there is little changes in appearance and size. But Note 3 adopts super-thin design of the border stripe, and phone body reduction, so its weight is a little lighter than note 2. And it looks totally square and hale, give us a kind of kingly impression. In addition, the distribution of rear camera has been changed, which is much more pleasing to our eyes, I think. But we must pay more attentions to protect the camera from damages to avoid damage the phone’s image, because of its tickness of phone body. Then there is a change of louder speaker, its distribution has already move to the bottom of the phone, avoiding the louder speaker sheltered from hands or case covers. And we can also find that the USB port is upgraded to the USB 3.0, which is the first smart phone with USB 3.0, which can bing us fast speed of transfering without our expectations.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The new upgraded hardware performance

As a new flagship of Samsung phone, Note 3 has been built-in Exynos 5420 chip, 2.3GHz Quad-Core, USB 3.0, 3GB RAM, Android 4.3 and more features in one phone. There is no doubts more expectations showed by many people to the hardware performance of it. Here we just show you some experiences from big 3D games, high-definition video player and more daily Apps to prove if it is suitable for us or not .

With the excellent processor and CPU, even 3GB RAM, the Note 3 performs well without any flaws in 3D games. Whether the Gourmet coaster 17 or Modern Warfare III, it can make it easily in practices during in the games, and no delaying or dead. Especially, it has a nice and stable system of rejection of heat control. After testing half an hour, its tempreture keeps at 48 Degree (27℃). And it is worth mentioning that its hardwares with huge power dissipation are upper inner phone, which avoids to making your hands heated.

And with the Note 3, you can watch your favorie movies, do the reading you like. The brilliant 5.7” full HD super AMOLED® display makes it easy to see even the tiniest details and gives you the space you need to do more on your screen.

The screen contrast

Its changes on the screen are not only the size of increasing, but also the upgrade of screen resolution from 720p to 1080p, and the ppi has already been up to 386, which looks much finer and smoother.

That’s all about the hardware performance of Note 3. Surely, it is just a testing, what is it in the practise daily using, only you know who has already got the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. We will show you the soft power performance, welcome to pay your attention to us all the time.

Finally highly recommend you several accessories for your Note 3, hope they are just the needs you are looking for.

Elegant Style Alligator Skin Leather Protective Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

USB 3.0 Charging & Data Cable for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 White

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Rugged Silicone Case with Belt Clip for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Fingerprint-resistant Tempered Screen Protective Film for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900

Fingerprint-resistant Tempered Screen Protective Film for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900


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