iPhone 5C Teardown Guide

iPhone 5C and 5S is published in global market on Sep.20th,I assume that all the Apple fans are looking forward to take a look at the structures and components of the latest iPhone .

We have finished the teardown of iPhone 5C, we share the whole process now!

Step 1   Get Ready!

The iPhone 5C we teardown is in green,and before we disassemble it,power off the cell phone and eject the SIM card and the SIM card tray holder


Get all the tools we need here: Pentalobe & crossheaded screwdrivers,suction cup,tweezers

and spudger


Step 2   Open Up

Time to disassemble the screws on the button of the 5C ,you can find 2 super tiny Pentalobe screws ,they are totally different from the two screws we found in the iPhone 5.

Use a Pentalobe screwdriver to disassemble the Pentalobe screws, please do remeber to do it gently,or the screws can’t be used anymore


Step 3  —Check the Back Housing

The screws had been removed,and then you may need a small suction cup to dispatch the front panel assembly,please be caution when you  pull the suction cup as there are huge amount of flex cable and components on the back housing

02 03

Step 4  — iPhone 5c Teardown Guide

We will disassemble the logic board before removing the battery

Screwdriver needed to remove the screws secure the front panel assembly cable,and then use a pair of tweezers to remove the bracket from the logic board


And remove the antenna connectors from the board with spudger, you will notice the adhered connectors – accessory didn’t exist in older generations,you need to be careful as the components are fragile,easy to broken

06 08

Step 5  — Logic Board

Remove Front-facing camera and sensor cable/Digitizer cable/LCD cable and use a cross-headed screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the logic board,and lift the logic board with a spudger.

09 10 11 12 13 14 17 18 19

Check the front and rear pictures of the logic board,the logic board includes the most important parts of the 5C: CPU,GPU

22 20


Step 6  —Battery

Use a spudger to pry the battery up from its socket,you need to pry it from both top and bottom side of the battery, we suggest you to put the spudger from the logic board socket,as you may smash the fragile plastic frame

24 25 26 27

After remove the battery,you can find out that the battery is fixed to by two double-sided tapes,that’s why there is no battery clip help you to remove the battery while disassembling or replacing


Step 7  — More Components to come

Continue with removing the components on the top of 5C,we use cross-headed screwdriver and tweezers here

29 30

Loud speaker of 5C



Removing the charging dock flex cable

33 35 34

Motor in the corner,and then follows a picture of the motor and motor bracket

36 37 38

Then the antenna

39 40 41 42

Power and volume Mute flex cable

51 52 53 54 55

External Power and Volume Mute switch buttons


All the components and structures of the 5C


Screws on the Charging Dock: 2 pcs

Screws on the Logic Board and major components: 31 pcs

Screws on the Back Housing: 9 pcs

Stay tune with us,and you will get more news and informations about cell phone technology

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