Prepare repair tools for iPhone 5s and 5c teardown

Last time, I’ve listed some replacement repair parts for iPhone 5s and 5c, following I’ll combine the iPhone 5s and 5c teardown to show your more replacement parts.

Before that,I want to show you the repair tools propared for the teardown first. Please look at the picture, a suction cup + 3 screwdrivers + a spudger + a tweezer + a SIM card ejector.

 Repair tools for iPhone 5s 5c teardown

The suction cup: it is a nice open tool for cell phone repairing, it can make screen openned easily. We offer various suction cups here, prefessionla for iPhone iPad iPod.

Screwdrivers: the unique Pro Tech Pentalobe Screwdriver set is only for iPhone iPad iPod using.

Spudger: a good assistant for parts’ take-out, such as battery, cable keeper

Tweezer: help us take out the small parts we can’t use our hands to make it, such as screws.

Of course, it is not absolute to limit these tools. There are some other repair tools you can use during these teardown processes. But these are necessary to prepare for fixing. We may met different cell phone replacement repair parts during repairing cell phones, so it is really up to you what you should use in these processes.

If you are looking for these repair tools, here I also highly recommend a mutilfunctional repair tools set kit for iPhone 4s 5s Samsung.


About hytparts

I don't know what your objects, but mine is sharing and communicating with you who also like diying cell phones. It is really a great experience for me, which can make me more confident. And I will continue searching for and collecting the cell phone replacement repair parts and accessories for DIYing, to keep my cell phone new and excellent.
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