Will the iOS 7 And More APPs Make The New iPhone Different ?

As we asked which new features of iOS 7 people likle the most,they said that Apple’s new Control Center, a swipe-up menu in iOS 7 that allows you access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, adjust screen brightness, and get other common settings, is the most compelling feature of the new mobile operating system.


And what comes next is iOS 7’s new flat design and color scheme, which looks way more different from earlier versions.

Any chance that we can get new features on the application softwares? Though Apple hasn’t released any iPhones with near field communication, and has said that it doesn’t plan to do so anytime soon, you still asked for NFC in the next iPhone. NFC lets you send data to other devices and even make purchases with your phone. It’s a common feature in many Android smartphones.

And there is no need to worry about the update of your APP, 95% of the developers working to add support for iOS 7,while 52% od the developers are working on APPs that require iOS 7(which means drop support for iOS 6)


So it’s good news if you are a fan of apps,seems your favorite apps will be ready for upgrade within 20 days.


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